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Used Cars

Tips to Start Your Own Used Car Business: Part 1

Everyone must be shocked to see starting the business, that maybe because it requires a heavy capital, manpower, land, inventory, and all that other sorts which one is taught inside the classroom of business management or so, but over here we...

Used Hyundai Accent – still going strong

Hyundai Motors is the second largest auto manufacturer in the country after Maruti Suzuki India ltd. The Hyundai brand is a well diffused one across India. Hyundai Motors launched the Accent during the time when the incoming of major car...

Used Daewoo Cielo – A cheap car with a boot sans performance

Daewoo Cielo, does this name affect the neurons in your brain? Remember the darling of its time, the only modern car of its era. But the question that begs a response is, have you seen a Cielo lately? And the answer that would pop is an unequivocal...
Latest News

Volkswagen Vento launched as Polo sedan in Malaysia for the price of Jetta

Few motivating facts have surfaced which throw light on the authenticity of certain beliefs that the countrymen have associated with Indian automotive industry. As per the facts, Indians are surely not paying more for vehicles unlike their...

Rolls Royce riding all-time high in India, despite economy lying all-time low!

‘Wraith’ is the Rolls Royce’s latest addition to its repertoire, for the global as well as for the Indian market. It is said to be fastest Rolls Royce ever made. And with that same breathtaking aggressiveness the luxury British carmaker is...

Who’ll Pay For Those Diesel Vehicles?

The Indian Socialism has always been defined by the ways of letting the rich subsidize in the name of the poor. Just to inform you that while the oil prices globally are touching the ceiling, even the Indian oil companies are bleeding internally due...
Car Reviews

Nissan Terrano Review

“Renault Duster” the word itself is a big bonk of the industry. Though, wherever it may have been launched in the world, the results were tamed to be outstanding in terms of sale-numbers. However, it has to be, because the title of “world’s...

Ford Fusion in India Review

Way back in 2004, Ford India launched the first big hatchback, err crossover, small SUV. I am not sure how to place it and neither could Ford India. This car had the length of a hatchback, the height of a SUV and the looks of a sedan. Now, tell me,...

Review: TATA Indigo eCS VX in India

Tata Indigo is Tata’s second best seller car, following the Tata Indica. It was first introduced in 2002, as Indica’s sedan version. Check on Road Price The Tata Indigo eCS VX, is the shortest sedan, having maximum length for...

Latest Added Second hand cars

2011 Tata Aria
Price : Rs.750,000

2011 Mercedes Benz E Class
Price : Rs.3,500,000

2011 BMW X1
Price : Rs.1,625,000

2010 Hyundai I10
Price : Rs.475,000